Critical Illness Cover

  • 10 Things to Think About

    10 Things to Think About Before You Get Cover

    You want those you love to be financially secure when you're gone, so it's important to know that you're getting the right amount of cover. When deciding how much cover to get, ask the following questions:

    • What is your post-tax income?
    • What is your current household expenditure?
    • How long do you want your family to maintain the quality of life they have today?
    • Do you already have mortgage protection?
    • Are there outstanding debts that need to be cleared?
    • Are your children in private education? If so, how much longer will you be paying fees?
    • Will your children go to University?
    • Will your loved ones simply spend the money you leave until it runs out – or will they invest and live off the returns?
    • Do you want to provide a pension for your spouse or leave an inheritance for the children?

    Your adviser will know what questions to ask, do the calculations for you, and help you decide how much cover to get.

  • When you speak to an advisor

    When You Speak To Specialists 4 Protection, You Get...

    • Fast and Friendly Service - from call to cover in three simple steps.
    • CII-Qualified, FCA-Regulated Advisers - with over 20 Years' experience advising accountants, business owners, and IFAs, so you know you're in good hands.
    • Personal Insurance Specialists - we only work in protection, so you get focused, expert advice every step of the way.
    • Quotes from All Major Insurers - we search the whole market to get you the most affordable plan for your needs.
    • Hassle-free Policy Set-up Service - we handle all the paperwork so you can get on with your life.
    • Always Completely Fee-Free, with No Obligation and No Pressure - get advice now, then get cover when YOU are ready.
  • 3 Steps

    From Call to Cover in 3 Simple Steps

    Life is hectic, so we've made getting cover as simple as 1-2-3

    Step 1: Talk to a protection specialist. We'll discuss your circumstances, show you the best options, then compare the market to get the most affordable quotes.



    Step 2: Choose to get protected. When you tell us you're ready to go we'll handle all the paperwork for you.



    Step 3: Wait for your policy documents. You'll get hard copies of everything by post. When you have them, you'll know your cover is in place.




  • Why Speak To Us

    Why Should I Get Advice?

    Critical Illness policies vary widely and it can difficult to know which one is right for you. You’ll need to think about the conditions covered, the severity that triggers a pay-out, and the amount of cover you need.

    As with any personal protection product, it’s best to get expert advice. If you want the best critical illness quotes, use an independent adviser who checks premiums with all the main Critical Illness Policy providers. Doing so could save thousands over the life of your policy.

    Here’s what the Telegraph had to say when they checked premiums with banks, insurers, and independent advisers:

    “The results show that in many cases the lenders and even the insurers themselves charge far more than intermediaries for exactly the same life and critical illness policies.”

    You can check out the Telegraph article here.

    At Specialists 4 Protection our advice won’t cost you a penny and is given with no obligation. We’ll help you understand how much cover you need, what type of policy is best, and we’ll scour all major Life Insurance providers to get you the best quotes.

    For free, no obligation advice just call 01243 219190 or give us your number and we’ll call you back.

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Your Questions Answered

confused about cover? Discover the answers to some commonly asked questions

  • What is Critical Illness insurance?

    What is Critical Illness Insurance cover?

    The last few decades have seen a continual rise in the number of heart attack and cancer sufferers in the UK. At the same time, medical breakthroughs and early-warning screens have dramatically improved survival rates – meaning thousands of people every year can be left without an income while they recover.

    Critical Illness Cover provides a cash lump sum if you suffer from a range of serious conditions within a set time-frame (often twenty or twenty-five years). The money can be spent however you wish, but is normally used to pay the bills and secure your income while you’re on the road back to health. It might also be used to make adjustments to your home or move house if you’ve suffered a debilitating condition.

    And because removing financial stress has been shown to have a significant impact on the time it takes to recover from something serious, critical illness insurance is probably one of the most important policies you can buy.

    Alarmingly, two out of three people with life insurance believe they have critical illness cover as well, but are only covered in the event of a terminal illness. This oversight causes many people to believe that ‘insurance doesn’t pay’ – a myth that simply doesn’t hold up when you look at the official figures.

  • What Does it Cover?

    What conditions are covered by Critical Illness Insurance?

    Conditions covered by Critical Illness policies vary widely from insurer to insurer, so it’s best to check exactly what’s covered with your adviser. The recommended insurer might change if there’s a particular illness you want covered, or if you only want basic cover for the ‘Big Three’ (Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke).

    As well as knowing that you have the right conditions covered, it’s also important to know how severe the condition needs to be before the policy triggers. Some insurers will only pay if the condition is critical, whilst others will pay a proportion of the total amount even if you only suffer a mild version (such as a mild heart attack) from which you’ll quickly recover.

    Some types of easily treatable cancers will be classed as ‘mild’ – so if you want a payment even in the case of less severe problems, it’s important to know you’re with the right insurer. Some policies will let you make another claim if you have other medical problems later, without paying any more in premiums.


  • Who Should Get Cover?

    Who Should Get Critical Illness Cover?

    It’s difficult to think of a reason not to get Critical Illness insurance.

    Thousands of heart attacks occur every year in the UK and cancer rates are soaring. Age is virtually irrelevant: the likelihood of a serious condition developing gets higher as you get older, but heart attacks and cancers occur in fit, young twenty-somethings more often than you’d like to think.

    Sadly, even children aren’t immune to the ravages of serious illnesses. Some insurers will add children to a policy for free and provide a lump sum if you need to claim. This could help pay for medical treatments or specialist equipment.

    So if you’re responsible for your own finances, or have others dependent on your income, you should seriously consider a critical illness policy.

  • Cost of Cover

    How much will a Critical Illness Plan cost?

    Like all personal protection, the cost of cover varies based on your age and health at the time the policy is taken out. As a general rule of thumb, the younger and fitter you are – the lower the premiums. And, like life insurance, your premium will usually be fixed for the entire term. Of course, the amount of cover you take will also have an impact on the premium.

  • How Much Cover Needed

    How much Critical Illness Cover do I need?

    Much like life insurance, there are a number of questions you need to answer when deciding how much cover to get:

    • How much of your income will you need to replace each year to maintain your quality of life?
    • How long would you want to replace it for? It can take anything from months to years to recover from cancer or a heart attack. And sometimes, you’ll never fully recover.
    • Will you have debts to pay while you can’t work?
    • Would you want access to specialist medical treatments or equipment if needed?

    If your Critical Illness policy is taken out in connection with your life insurance plan, the lump sum you get might be a percentage of the total amount covered by the life insurance. Speak to your adviser to make sure you have enough cover in place.

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