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  • Our dream…

    Our dream…

    Specialists 4 Protection has a big, ambitious dream.
    We believe that most people work hard and make sacrifices in their lives in order to build a better future for themselves and their families. But no matter how hard we work, things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes life throws a left hook you never see coming, and families across the country suffer tragedies that shake them to the bone.

    At Specialists 4 Protection we know how it feels, because we’ve experienced these tragedies ourselves. And we’ve seen the difference between those who had financial security when tragedy struck, and those who didn’t.

    So we want to make a real, positive impact on the lives of thousands who suffer more than they should because they didn’t get the right protection in place. We want to make a difference by changing the way protection is sold in the UK, because only by changing the way it’s sold can we give families across the country a financial cushion when the worst times come.

    But change won’t come easy.

  • Here’s the problem…

    Here’s the problem…

    We’re swimming against a swelling tide of comparison sites that sell the same policies to anyone and everyone, whether or not the type and amount of cover is right for the person buying it. If something happens and you’ve got the wrong type of insurance, or there’s not enough to cover the bills, or there’s an exclusion you didn’t know about – well, the comparison sites aren’t responsible. And it’ll be too late for you or your family to change your mind.

    But it’s not just the modern trend for comparison sites that makes change so tough.

    We exist in a realm of generalist advisers where protection plays second fiddle to pensions and investments, so very few want to be an expert in the field.

    We’re battling monolithic banks who tie themselves to a single insurer and do nothing to get the best deal for their customers.
    And we’re not just up against an industry where brokers are failing to advise people properly. We’re also reaching out to a public blissfully unaware of the size of their problem. Families in the UK are under-insured by £2.3 TRILLION – yet you’re more likely to insure your pet or your phone, than you are your income or your life. What we’re doing about it…

    We want to change the way insurance is sold in the UK by setting a new standard for other brokers to follow. Our expert team believes that customers want to be treated like real human beings, with feelings and families – not bamboozled by jargon and made to feel like a fool for not knowing about different types of protection, or how much cover to get.

    We also believe that protection advice isn’t about getting you to buy whichever policy pays the biggest commission… it’s about the getting you the right policy, on the right terms, at the right price.

    We believe your family deserves every penny from that policy if you die, which is why we put all life insurance into Trust for free – meaning those you love get a quick pay-out and don’t pay inheritance tax on the money.

    In short, we believe that people in the UK – you and your family included – deserve better than you’ve been getting.

    We can’t heal the pain of injury, disease or loss. But reduced stress is proven to speed up the healing process, both physical and emotional. So we want you to get the right cover and cushion those you love when tragedy strikes.

    Because we can reduce the stress and the grief you suffer from a loss, an illness, or a serious injury.

    If you let us.

  • How we do it…

    How we do it…

    We offer advice for free, and under no obligation, because we want to help you understand what’s at stake - and how little you’ll invest to shield those you love from the tragic blows of life. We want you to speak to us before you decide whether to invest your hard-earned money on an insurance policy – and to make sure you get the right one when you do.

    And we know most people are too busy to wade through piles of insurance paperwork when they set up a policy, so we keep the process simple and handle all the paperwork for you.

    For every ten people who take out a policy, there’s a good chance three of them will have to make a claim at some time in the future.

    So during the worst experiences imaginable, our advice will have changed lives for the better.

    And that’s a dream worth striving for.

    If you want to speak with an expert in protection who’ll treat you like a real human being, get to know your needs, and get you the best deal on the market, just give us a call on 01243 219190 or click the button below.

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