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Only personal, one-to-one advice can give you the right financial cushion and take care of your future, today. That’s why we’re passionate about protection, and go the extra mile to get you the right policy, on the right terms, at the right price.

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Case Study

Case Study: Barry Maylan, 36 years old, Hampshire

Barry is married and has three young children – two daughters, 12 and 8, and a son, 6. He works full time and has a £300,000 mortgage on his house near Liphook in Hampshire. Barry already had life insurance, bought from the same bank who gave him the mortgage. That meant the bank would get paid if he died, and his wife wouldn’t be burdened with the debt.

But Barry’s problem was that he never got enough cover to make sure his wife and children were looked after in the years after he died, because the life insurance he bought from the bank was expensive. In the back of his mind Barry knew his family would struggle for money if something happened, even with the mortgage paid off. But he thought extra cover would cost too much, so tried not to think about it.

When Barry began discussing his mortgage with a friend one evening, the conversation soon moved onto life insurance. Barry felt bad that those he loved didn’t have the same security as his friend’s family, so he decided to speak to an adviser and get some quotes. 

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Quick and easy process and the advisers were very helpful.
Rating Star J. Baskerville, Baskerville Publications Ltd, 5th August

Why Us

Why Use Specialists4Protection?

S4P are passionate about protection because we believe that most people work hard and make sacrifices in order to build a better future - but no matter how hard we try, life sometimes throws a right hook we never see coming.

With the right cushion in place you soften the blow and reduce stress, so you or your family can heal more easily.

When clients or their families are hit by the worst, and they thank us for helping get the right protection in place, we know we’ve made a real contribution to society and had a positive impact on people’s lives.

That's why we're Specialists4Protection.

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Latest News

Cancer Cases: Increase in the Survival Rates and Need for Protection

Based on research, less than one in 10 people in the UK have any insurance in place to take care of critical illness, and over one third of this population acknowledge they would need to make use of their saving if they or their partner should have problems that prevent them from working.

New protection adviser targets SMEs

A new protection adviser has launched aiming to target small and medium sized enterprises.

RLPs now Used By Companies to Provide Peace of Mind to Employees

A question was asked in the October 2015 AFS exam as regards how a company can put a life cover in place for the benefit of the family of its employee.

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